declare terrorism will burn the mosuhaf

In the name of God the Merciful
Office of the religious authority, Sheikh Saleh al-Tai
His best interpretation of the Koran                                                     
And Professor of Jurisprudence and assets and the interpretation and ethics
                                                                                                                   number: 191
 Date: 08/09/2010
 28 Ramadan / 1431

M / sanctity of peoples to declare terrorism will burn the mosuhaf
And the inadmissibility of American Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr on September 11

  Has appeared in this time convention (terrorism) did not specify the features of legal yet but Massadik many fall under this heading, including the murder of innocent people, and indiscriminate bombings, and sabotage of public utilities, and sent panic and fear in the hearts of peoples and nations at once, including the infringement of beliefs, lead to abuse and hurt the feelings of millions of people by an individual or deviant group, including breeds terrorism, and is inherited shameful parcels and reflective, please do not exploit the values of democracy in the West of abuse to the same values and other people were also in the Declaration of the owner of a church in Florida to make on an ad hoc to burn the mosuhaf Has been passed to me Seventy-six part of the interpretation of Sura and half of the Al Omran, a project to more than one million part whole stable of content sanctity of the verses of the Koran, and came in many parts of the explanation of each one of them in the interpretation of one verse consisting of a few words, as shown on our site WWW.MARJAIAA.COM, and a witness to the revelation of the Qur’an from God, and I tried to translate some parts of the Inclaizip but I print parts at my own interpretation.
We must proceed to the United Nations terrorism laws that prohibit people from this, and can be called international terrorism, a cause which is to the detriment of world peace, and raise people offended by the falsehood of the beliefs Taatsalm them. Stood by the loss of major companies.
  I have read that Petraeus, he is an intellectual, has Racni warning made to the government and the world and a bold and reading the field and realistic and Alaklaiip Balzom prevent abuse of the Koran the book revealed by God Almighty by more than one thousand and four hundred years, to begin Alaneptfisserna showing some of the treasures in hundreds of parts are interpretation and the development and induction of the same verses.
  The attack on the twin towers in atheist ten of September error personally pay all Muslims, men and women dearly for, and this price is the other error is the nations of the innocent, it should not come error other personal harm to Christians and Muslims together must be a catch, treatment and convalescence, and Harmony, which responded by saying the Almighty [to find the nearest in love to those who believe Christians who say:] ().
It is true that the verse above and the sentence received format of news, it shows Altdmnip give indications of the command for the Muslims care and charity of the Christians in all times.
We have been good and the good treatment of the Christian Brothers throughout the world, inter alia, that the old books bearing the gospel Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and his family and the necessity of peace and triumph, and of good character and praise the verses above them.
 And the Koran, who wants to burn these individuals have come to acknowledge the ratification of the gospel and the Prophethood of Jesus.
  Have been sent by God the Almighty Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and his family and peace in Mecca and Medina, and not in the Hijaz at the time and presence of Christians, but there were Jews, the Prophet and early Muslims need to believe his prophethood, but the Quran came with rhetoric of the Christians, titled People of the Book of the Whole of the Jews and the Christians, and to honor Jesus peace and census miracles, and when the team came to the Christians of Najran to the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings did not choose to go to war with him, but agreed to pay tribute when they saw evidence of the truth of his Prophethood and received the Negus of his Prophethood acquiescence and care for his companions who migrated to Abyssinia.
When the Persians dominated the Roman, I looked Quraish infidel polytheists and rejoiced and said to the Muslims: Christians, you and the people of the Book, and we are illiterate and Persia, has appeared on our brothers, and we’ll show you.
Quran came down who wants to burn this fool the gospel of the Prophet Muhammad and his family peace and victory, Christians and Muslims, saying the Almighty [* Romans have been defeated in the lowest land, and they after their defeat will be victorious in a few years
 Lied infidels promise came in the verses above, and its challenge, and bet Abu Bakr is Muslim, Abu bin behind Alkavaraly ten Qlais (), for three years, so he told Abu Bakr, the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and he said of the apostle: the groin is between three to nine Vzaidh in danger, and an article in the term Fjallagha retractile hundred to nine years.
And my father died from the injury to the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and him on one (and won a Roman knight on Khudaibiya at the head of seven years) (narrated that Abu Sa’eed al approved their victory the day of Badr)
 Abu Bakr took the mortgage from the progeny of my father, and brought him to the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and him, said: charity), so said a group of scholars: the contract that permits the corrupt contracts of usury and others in the house of war between Muslims and infidels.
I have proposed in 1999 that there will be (an international day of the Koran) and prove to the United Nations and the back of the proposal with an article and a headline in a newspaper, after the fall of the former regime, published, and proposed to be on the seventeenth of the month of Ramadan, which he called God (on Criterion) celebrated the victory of the Muslims and the State of Christians in the same day, the names of the Quran and the Criterion, but history Lunar may not benefit at the United Nations there is no objection to the appointment of an international day of the Qur’an in the Christian calendar, celebrating high schools and colleges of the day.
Has withheld from us the reasons for publishing and translation of parts of the interpretation and the legitimate rights and satellite TV, if there is an international day of the Koran would not have dared someone to make another day to burn and was able himself to reflect on the miracle of the Qur’an and its implications, and chose a way to fight terrorism inspired by the Koran, which God made him [an exposition of everything] ( ), and continues to draft the International Day of the Koran exists, renew now and tomorrow, and we call on the OIC to work immediately, as well as the services stay in Iraq, which insists on not subsidized seminaries and Iraqi scientists, have blocked any bid monthly for the students and the greatest seminaries, and declined to stay the Shiite ago years, please give us birthday Electricity Hall Research of the estate’s take of our research in the literature, assets and interpretation, ethics and organization the faith in the Qur’an recorded in the Prime Minister’s Office, and write for long hours in the dark, at the time of deployment of a Shi’ite religious foundation of thousands of generators in the country, including the processions of mourning in the road does not open However, on occasions, and I hope to print all of the stay, Shiite and Sunni and Kurdish parts of ten of our interpretation is best explained in the history of Islam.
The mere declaration of intention to burn copies of the Koran is to terrorize the people, and incitement to terrorism, and anti-economic-and-bust business, and disdain among the people tired of clerical contrary to what was by Ar-Rum above it back, God the triumph of the State of Christians are Roman victory from God, because it is the strength of Islam, and the weakness of the weakness of the infidels, and did not take years to revelation of the verse above only became Persia Mannar radiation of the principles of Islam and the focus of pride was hard for all Muslims, he who wants to burn the Koran Insult to Christianity, Islamic, and to the American people friendly.
Is not permissible for Muslims and their institutions in America ceremony on Saturday, September 11, Eid al-Fitr, while we we require sighting of the crescent with the naked eye, the festival will be on Friday, 10 September, God willing, in America and Europe, and I hope their translation and publication of this opinion quickly and knowing God.


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